Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy can be a powerful ally in your healthcare regime. Experts estimate that 90% of disease is stress related. Research shows nothing ages us faster internally and externally than high stress. Eliminating anxiety and pressure may be unrealistic, massage can help manage stress which promotes well being through:

Research continues to show the benefits of massage ranging from treating chronic disease, neurological disorders, and injuries to relieving the tension of modern lifestyles.

Budgeting time and money for massage at regular intervals is an investment in your health and well being. Consider massage a necessary part of your health and wellness plan. Establish a massage schedule that best suits your needs.

Massage can help:

Benefits of Massage for Athletes

There are many therapeutic and physiological benefits of getting regular massages, including improved circulation, muscle relaxation, faster healing of injuries, shorter recovery time between workouts, improved flexibility and range of motion, as well as overall relief from muscle soreness and stiffness.